Swan Dive : An Interactive Immersion Into The Soul of Practice

 Photo by Anthony Rodriguez

Photo by Anthony Rodriguez

Based in the wisdom of Vedic Astrology and the expressive arts, Swan Dive is my most personal offering. These are the tools I use to develop fluency between my body, mind and spirit, and the heart of my process as a teacher and a student of yoga. Through studying the metaphorical map of the body and the archetypal energies contained therein, you will learn to develop a daily ritual of creative practice that touches you on the deepest level. If you are ready to integrate inner and outer, masculine and feminine, if you are seeking more depth and creativity in your practice, whether personal or as a teacher, this program will enrich you.
— stacey ramsower


Swan Dive is a three week immersion into the subtler layers of the body and will give you the tools to create a practice based on your soul's longing rather than your athletic ability. Swan Dive is the perfect accompaniment to a 200hr teacher training, or as an entry point to deepen your personal practice. 

In these modules you will:

  • Learn and implement the basics of Ayurveda
  • Receive an overview of Tantric Philosophy and the nature of desire as a creative force
  • Map the body as a metaphor for life path and self-expression, befriend sensation and emotion
  • Bear witness to your own innate intelligence and learn to embody AND express that force
  • Create a clear and soul-nourishing ritual to enhance creative output and connectivity
  • Build a container/community for your spiritual journey


Friday, June 2, 7-9pm & Saturday, June 3, 1-4pm
Module 1:
 The Four Levels of Being Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Body Intelligence
This module will focus on connecting to the body's capacity to 'hold' thoughts and feelings as sensation. We will cultivate a stronger sensitivity to the deeper layers of meaning in the body and connect them to our individual life map.

Friday, June 16, 7-9pm & Saturday, June 17, 1-4pm 
Module 2:
 Food and Emotional Nourishment
Emotional need and nourishment are often misdirected into our behavior around food and "having" in general. In the spirit of emotional well-being and physical sustainability, this class will focus on daily Ayurvedic ritual (Dinacarya) and food practices to nourish body and soul.

Friday, June 30, 7-9pm & Saturday, July 1, 1-4pm
Module 3: 
Desire and Devotion Where Pleasure, Sexuality and Self-Expression Activate Spiritual Awakening
Connecting to our innermost desires through ancient techniques of breath, visualization and sound, module three combines elements of tantra, expressive arts and Ayurveda to integrate to your material and spiritual nature.


So my question to you is, what are you practicing? What is that you repeatedly do and is it fulfilling your misunderstanding of yourself, or your most expressive and soulful self?

From where do you derive such a deep and sustainable sense of Self that you can let go of everything you’ve ever known and open yourself to all that is? I want to share my tools, which are really touchstones for you to discover your own personalized, deeply intimate tools.
— stacey ramsower