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Food Sleep Sex : A reintegration program for women

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FoodSleepSex is about supporting women  in establishing (or reestablishing) a felt sense of wholeness and completeness in their life. Based on the three pillars of health in Ayurveda, we utilize the techniques of Ayurveda, Yoga and Expressive Arts to navigate deeper into the body, mind and spirit.

This program teaches women to build their lives on a foundation of nourishment and ease through time-tested practices and self-designed intuitive rituals.  After years of self-sabotage and disappointing relationships, I have developed this curriculum to support women in reclaiming their bodies, hearts and minds while cultivating a spiritual practice.

The foundation of this program is Dinacarya or daily ritual. You will study techniques and implement a self-designed structure based on the following:

  • Eating to sustain the living body (food selection, prep and digestion based on your constitution)

  • Yoga Asana + The Body Map (embodiment practices to support your deepest needs and to re-program old patterns)

  • Meditation + Deep Rest (a candle burning at both ends extinguishes twice as fast, learn to bring rest into your day-to-day routine)

  • The Expressive Arts and Re-inhabiting Your Creative Nature (get down with your desire and bring it to life through expressive and devotional practices)

I offer FREE twenty minute consultations on a very limited basis to assess if the program is a good fit for you. 

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What are the "Three Pillars of Health?"

In Ayurveda, total health is said to depend on three things: food, sleep and sex. This is another way of articulating the three part focus of Yoga, which is body, mind and spirit. You are a multidimensional creature physically, mentally and spiritually, but most of our current yoga culture hyper-accentuates the physical form.  Most of us are still trying to be somebody else. Most of us are still trying to hide or ignore some part of our fundamental nature, starting at the physical level.

FoodSleepSex addresses these layers of your being systematically. We identify imbalances in the body based on the body metaphor expressed in the ancient practice of jyotish, or vedic astrology. From there we develop food and movement mantras using ayurvedic principles and yoga techniques. Once the physical body is stabilized, we can address the mind and its fluctuations. No matter how many hours you spend on a yoga mat, being able to sit quietly with your own thoughts may still elude you. Restless, agitated, running from your Self, there can be no rest. And ultimately, the only way to reorganize our years of physical and mental patterning (some based on karma, some based on culture) is to find deep pleasure in our self-healing practices. Oxytocin is our drug of choice at FoodSleepSex and it is induced when JOY is experienced by the body. This may mean music, this may mean long walks, this may mean masturbation or intimate partnership; this is deeply personal and multi-faceted and LIMITLESS in potential. Sex is the ultimate creative act, and as such, your engagement with life, your full embrace of what IS, right now, is the key to your transformation.

When the three essential levels are operating at full capacity we then have the strength to overcome experiences of trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression and a dissatisfaction with life. You defer to know one. You achieve Yoga, union, with your truth.


Where do I begin?

New Moon Riutals

A live monthly event offered at Yogaleena Studio. We’ll explore the gifts and challenges of the FoodSleepSex trifecta through the wisdom of Vedic astrology, as well as discuss and practice techniques from Yoga, Ayurveda and the Expressive Arts to generate momentum for any stage of the process.

  • Two hour class on the Friday closest to the new moon phase (see calendar for dates and registration)
  • $25
  • Open to all levels

Solo Trip

Foundational work wherein we dialogue, dance and experiment with techniques and practices to alchemize your body, mind and spirit back to solid gold. 

  • Six Sessions
  • Phone calls, or Google Hangout sessions (from wherever you are in the world!)
  • Personalized program utilizing the FoodSleepSex curriculum based on your individual needs and desires

Group Trip

Designed for women ready to take a flying leap into higher levels of self-trust, self-love and self-gratification. On the group trip you must be willing to balance the group process and your individual integration process. Creativity and personal accountability are tested, nurtured and expanded here.

  • Bi-weekly sessions for 7 months
  • Live Webinar (must have internet access)
  • Discounted rate on auto-pay and additional one-on-one sessions
  • Book now!


More About FoodSleepSex

One-on-one programs are the essence of bringing your purpose to life.  In spite of our best efforts, there comes a point when we need to dive deeper into our unique context in order to develop a sustainable daily ritual; something more suited to our unique needs, whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

I consider myself the spaceholder for you during your exploration and integration. I will provide the mirror for you to create a ritual which reflects and honors your needs and desires for growth and healing. I have years of experience working with my own patterns of addiction and self-sabotage, I have developed programs for youth, teens, teachers in training, moms, dancers, executives, I can field spiritual questions, prepare meals and address symptoms of PTSD.  

I am confident that our work together will yield fruit.

Over the phone or in person we can discuss your needs, your goals and create a map of what a series might look like.  I do offer free consultations and, once booked, I accept bookings of 6 sessions at a time. Single sessions are also available if more assessment is needed, although it is essential to commit to sequential and consistent work to experience momentum.  All cancellations will be accepted no less than 48 hours in advance, after which the full cost of the session must be paid.

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