The ancient women healers knew that the body is more than what is seen. They respected the wholeness of body, emotions, mind and spirit, saw the Goddess within all Be-ing, and treated their patients with respect and caring. Healing was a three - way agreement between healer, Goddess, and the person being healed, and healing was an active choice.
What was known by every ancient culture, every shaman, priestess, midwife, and healer is being rediscovered, used and appreciated again. And there is much to appreciate.
— A Women's Book of Healing, Diane Stein


Doula services are an ancient feature of the pregnancy and birth process. The Greek word, means 'servant,' and you might interpret that in contemporary use as 'attendant.' A doula provides physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual support during one of the most profound transitions in a person's life.

Having received my foundation training from Carriage House Birth in Brooklyn, NY, it is my deep pleasure to be with women in this creative and transformative time. I bring the wisdom of my teachers, my yoga training and my body to the experience.

I consider myself an attendant to your needs and a reflection of your wisdom. My role is to remind you of the profound power of your body, mind and spirit as you become a mother.


My services include:

Three pre-natal visits and a post-partum follow-up

On-call readiness for your labor beginning at 37 weeks

Comfort techniques, practical and logistical support (**Note, I am NOT a healthcare provider. I am not licensed or authorized to provide medical advice, exams or treatment.)


All services and fees can be found at Bassett Baby Planning.


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